Via Fossolo, Bologna

Type: Stanza condivisa (20 ㎡) nel Appartamenti
Prezzo €360
A disposizione 01-06-2024
indirizzo Via Fossolo
proprietà della casa/td> 160 m²
Codice Postale 40138
città Bologna

Welcome, everyone! A bed is available in a double room within a spacious renovated apartment. The apartment consists of two double rooms and one single room. The monthly cost for the bed is 330 euros, covering all expenses such as electricity, water, gas, heating, condominium fees, bicycle storage, waste disposal tax, unlimited internet, and more. A security deposit equivalent to two months' rent is required. The contract is flexible, allowing you to leave before the term ends if you find a replacement, which is relatively easy to do in Bologna. Booking conditions: 1. 3 months' notice or identification of a replacement 2. The monthly fee includes...

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Via Fossolo